Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don't believe the hype

Everyone has a dog in this fight. As news breaks of yet more SNP snobbery, curbing drinking around football matches, I'm pleased that fans of other clubs are starting to realise that they could be affected too. In fact, it has to be said, that some of the fans I've read on this are actually more supportive of stopping this than some of our own fans.

After the scenes of Saturday, and the disgraceful treatment of Celtic supporters on the Gallowgate, the campaign to dehumanise the Celtic support goes on. A lot of the crap spouted comes from people who take the light wind of second hand information and try to turn it into a tornado. There's a lot of "Listen to me, I know everything, I am important!!!" going on just now from some. None more so than with Dens Park on Boxing Day which has got to the point where people who were 50 miles from the stadium that night are now giving eyewitness accounts.

Your efforts to join the SMSM are noted.

After the events of Saturday, and the revelations from the former Affiliation of CSC's Vice President, this all got a little more sinister.

If all revelations are true, and I have no reason to disbelieve an actual eyewitness account, the big picture question for me is this: Why?

Why would people within Celtic actively target their own supporters? It's a question I've been asked by lots of fans of other teams and whilst I can give plenty theories, I can't say anything for 100% certain as I simply don't know.

What I do know is that there is a fracturing of the Celtic support going right now. For every person standing up saying "We are all The Green Bridgade" you get one who can't wait to rid Paradise of them.

Cards on the table, I despise any attempt to split the support. I grew up in an era where your fellow Tim got a little more leeway than others. You saw the colour of a person's shirt and you knew they were "One of us". I have helped and been helped thousands of times on that premise.

Spreading lies to fit an agenda will only work to a point, it will be seen through eventually.

The overiding factor in this, in my opinion, is we need to work to a point where we get all Celtic supporters united again. The internet makes it hard as too many act like a different person when they have the cloak of a smartphone.

If we all step back, it's easy to see the common ground between the vast majority of us.

It will also be easier to spot the hype.

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