Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oh for a George Clemenceau

As the wait goes on for a verdict into the Lord Nimmo-Smith inquiry, my mind has been drifiting towards one question:Who is fighting our corner? We all have the same dog in this fight but, outside The Bampots, I've not seen many pushing for a verdict in our direction.

Everyone in Scotland has a vested interest in this thing and that can lead to the word no Celtic fan wants to hear in this:Compromise.

Whilst not touching the amount of suffering that led to it(he lied), I often think about this in relation to the Treaty of Versailles. David Lloyd George(spit) wanted Germany punished but not too badly as there was still money to be made from them. Woodrow Wilson wanted punishment for Germany too but wanted a "League of Nations" so it would never happen again and we all know how that ended up. Vittoria Orlando of Italy wasn't really sure about anything, got nothing he wanted and so spat the dummy and left early.

George Clemenceau of France was different.

He wanted to Germany punished to the absolute fullest extent possible and also wanted them weakened to the point where they would never be a threat again.

He saw this fitting given the level of their crimes.

Oh for a George Clemenceau now.

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