Monday, January 21, 2013

Sleeves up for the title

It will be cold tonight, of that there is no doubt. It has been so cold in the last week that brass monkey's everywhere are crying their eyes out. My house always seems to be freezing, a combination of crap storage heaters(what they actually store, I have no idea) and one of those fires that cost a fortune to use and and you need to sit on to actually get a heat from. Anyway, enough tales from the ghetto.

This should be a good game tonight. Dundee Utd are a dangerous opponent and have a striker in form, whilst we will not have our full strength defence. That said, we have a striker doing not too bad just now and a midfield that is strong and looking fresh again. Despite the freezing temperatures, I'd expect another good crowd at Celtic Park.

I said last last week that the next few weeks will shape our season and there's no doubt that the next three league games, Dundee Utd and Kilmarnock at home then a trip to Inverness for a potential title decider (not a sentence that I thougth I'd ever type)

This is a game where, if we win, it puts us in great shape and as all you title winners out there know, these are the games that enable the golden days later in the season.

When it's a whole lot warmer.

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