Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One of us

Many times I've heard the expression "He's a good guy, he's one of us". On another occasion I heard a guy say "Not only is she beautiful, she is one of us"

I wonder if that means the same to me as it does to you? What it means to me is that if you, like me, are one of us, you get certain leeway. Not much more than someone else, but definitely a little. That's how I was brought up with Celtic, to treat your fellow supporter like the guy next to you on a battlefield.

That's how it should be, right?

Sadly, I'm not seeing a lot of that just now. Instead what I am seeing is a lot of attempts at demonisation, alienation and a blame culture that belongs with the Daily Mail not the Hail Hail.

We are better than this surely?

We have seen many, many expressions of what this Celtic support can do as a positive and the world has witnessed and commented. Many times my heart has been pumping out my chest because of this Celtic support and it will again in the future.

The picture above is of me in Philidelphia.

Standing in front of the An Gorta Mor memorial there.

My arms are wrapped round guys that I had never met before in my life. They made me feel so welcome that day, why? Dress up it any way you like, but it's because we are all the same. We bleed green and white, like you all do as well.

Never underestimate what that means because it's who we are.

Celtic is our team and we love them.

Some of the descriptions of the Celtic support I've seen recently are unrecognisable to anything I've ever seen. Then again, I'm there to watch my team, not take notes. Generalising is a dangerous game, one you can never win.

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