Saturday, January 26, 2013

Changes at the SFA? Yeah and a Chinese Democracy

Was interesting listening to Radio Scotland tonight. It was a relatively new show I stumbled upon after listening to the ICT-Hearts penalties. Kenny Shiels was on it as was John McKendrick from the Referees Association.

If you don't know John, here is his profile, and, you'll all be delighted to hear, it has his favourite ever game in it:

Now, as John was castigating Kenny Shiels for him questioning his guilty verdict in his recent case with Andrew Dallas, William, an ex Ref, from Symington phoned in. John knew instantly what was coming and so went for the old "long lost brother" act with William (who knows, they could well be brothers...) William went on to say that in 60 years of the SFA disciplinary committee, no appeal has ever been upheld. As John tried to laugh this off and distort the facts, William shouted "John McKendrick is not a man to be trusted!"

Then he was cut off.

This came after Kenny Shiels alluded to the fact that the independent panel that sat in judgement on him contained one panel member(out of three) who had a SFA pin badge on!

Now, if you have read my latest book (above) you will have read some real life tales of how the SFA worked in days gone by.

Clearly, nothing has really changed.

Interestingly, John McKendrick seemed to be at his angriest when Kenny Shiels spoke about the panel and said, should he name them live on air, he would possibly be bringing the game into disrepute.

Just remind me, cause I'm all a quiver with deja vu, didn't another manager do that?

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