Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Sevco Pantomine

Most journalists in Scotland had a sense of either bewilderment or resentment when they heard the news that Jim Traynor was to the be new Director of Communications at Sevco. If ever there was a case of poacher turned gamekeeper, this was is it.

Of course Traynor was Murray's poodle for years but he was shrewd enough to get into a trading of information relationship with Murray that helped further his own career and, for a while, boost the circulation of The Daily Record.

Traynor visited Ibrox yesterday, to meet backroom staff and so on, but there was nothing really to report save for the stale mince pies they were serving at half time.

Traynor is there as a lightning rod.

The idea that this guy will lead some sort of social media revolution at Ibrox is similar to that of Rod Stewart becoming celibate.

Traynor is there to take the pressure off Green and fight all the battles that Sevco have coming at them. He was doing it for Rangers for decades, so he has plenty practice.

Whatever you think about the appointment, there is no need for us to worry.

You don't bring in a firefighter when things are going well.

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