Monday, November 19, 2012

You are free to do what we tell you

I find myself wondering more and more these days when everyone will wake up to the kind of country Britain is. For years we were told that the UK was the good guys and everyone else were the bad guys. It was in TV shows, films, books and on all our news stations, we were the defenders of all that is good.

In the last few months, the bubble has been burst more times than an Amsterdam mattress.

MP's expenses were the tip of the iceberg, where the good and great of the country, stop laughing at the back, were seen to be earning fortunes off the back of taxpayers by filling in forms and claiming for anything from pens to moats.

Then came the hacking scandal. News International, as if we didn't know already, were found to be hacking the phones of anyone they deemed newsworthy. No one was off limits, celebrities were paid off but the general public simply had to take it.

After 23 years, the victims of Hillsborough were finally allowed to hear the truth about the massive cover up that was put upon them after years of lies by the establishment.

These things go on every day and they affect you, me and everyone not on their side.

So it comes as no great surprise when you hear about the harassment of The Green Brigade and the dark arts being used against them. As it is an ongoing legal situation I can't say too much but the fact that Celtic suporters feel the need to boycott Celtic Park means they have gotten to a point of no return. I know how that feels, I was at that point in 1993/94.

It seems there is a concerted campaign against Celtic supporters, the only question remains is, by whom? I was in Aberdeen on Saturday and saw no bad behaviour at all from any Celtic supporter. I'll tell you what I did see though, eight policemen come into the Bishop Crosas CSC do on Saturday night and shut it down early. As I left the premises, I saw two additional police vans full of back up.

Now, I was at the do from 7pm-1130pm and saw nothing that could lead to a do being shut down. I was on stage a lot helping with the hosting and raffles etc and had a clear view of the whole venue a lot of the time and saw nothng other than people having fun, singing and dancing.

What kind of country is this when the police can just decide to shut that down? The same country that oppresses people who want to support their football team?

Or is it that they just want to oppress people who support a certain football team...

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