Thursday, August 23, 2012

You're twisting my melon, man

Happy 50th Birthday Shaun Ryder!

A hero of mine for about 23 years now, who thought he'd reach this age...

Let's face it, if he can do it, anyone can, right?

The focus of my next book, is two themed, my own story in the last four years and that of the internet bampots.

Like the Book Launch next week, focus will be on mental health charities in Scotland and New York benefitting.

I've had my own struggles with mental health issues, every day I fight Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Recently that fight has been harder than ever, can't explain why, it's just, as The Shamen would say, coming on and coming on strong.

People suffer in silence every single day with mental health issues, the stigma is huge and can often create a scary, lonely place where it seems you have no voice. What I am trying to do and will continue to try to do, is give those people who need a voice, some sort of hope and support.

Whatever health issues you have, if think you're alone. In fact, if you're part of The Celtic Universe, you've got an army behind you.

Remember that.

You should keep that in mind always, as should folk who may lose their temper or get their melon twisted for a bit.

At the Book Launch itself, I will be talking about mental health and we will be running a raffle in that respect, to both highlight and help. I'll also be telling stories and taking witty questions, hey, it's not all serious.

So if your name is down for the launch and you in any way are shy or worried about anything, you don't have to be.

You're not alone.

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