Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tailgating-New York Style, In Philly.

Tailgating is as American as apple pie. You load your car up with booze and food(food optional) and head for your sporting event.

On Saturday morning, before the Celtic v Real Madrid game at Lincoln Field in Philadelphia, all the CSC's from New York are going to be doing their own brand of tailgating.

With singer Stevie Dodds in tow, all the NY clubs are coming together in the parking lot at Lincoln Field to have a wee rebel tailgate.

Knowing a few of the characters involved, I can only assume several 18 wheeler trucks have been hired to ship down all the bevvy.

Seriously though (like that last sentence wasn't serious) if you want to meet the heartbeat of Celtic in New York, get yourself down there for a craic with the Bhoys and Ghirls

Seek out Frankie Fraser, Chas Duffy, Kevin Devine and Mark Breslin, just don't blame me when you don't make it home until Thursday...

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