Monday, August 6, 2012

Go with Fado

If you're looking for a base in Philly this weekend, look no further than Fado Irish Pub at 1500 Locust.St.

If America leads the way on anything these days, it's bars and Fado is one of the finest if, like me, you like good beer, good food, and sports. Plus loose women (Did I say that out loud?)

A huge selection of bevvy to choose from, I'd envisage this as being the Tim HQ for the weekend.

Quite frankly, it is worth visiting Fado for the Irish breakfast, but there is so much more to it. Spacious, with friendly staff and huge TV's showing sport, you won't go far wrong in here.

It will also be the host of the @pmacgiollabhain Q&A on Friday at 1pm and, of course, the venue for the @btwcelticshow live on 5pm on Saturday.

It's pretty much bang central and everything you'll want to see in Philly is within easy walking distance from Fado.

With superb craic, music and people, Fado should be your first stop with you hit Philly this weekend.

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