Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HomeBhoys, HomeBhoys, HomeBhoys

50th show tonight for The HomeBhoys. Doesn't time fly? The one thing you can guarantee with the HomeBhoys is that no two shows are ever the same. There are no production meetings, no show outline, just a gathering five minutes before going on air and BOOM!

I think the quality of the HomeBhoys lies in the real feeling of the hosts and callers. You can have blazing arguments one minute, then be talking about something else the next and there are no grudges carried over. A stark contrast to the likes of Radio Clyde.

Harper and Joe deserve immense credit for creating a medium for supporters that enables them to put their views across without fear of being patronised, talked over or cut off.

The show has got bigger and bigger as more and more supporters Skype in and fill the air with their views.

The thing about live radio is anything can happen, and often does, yet 50 shows in, something must be working.

So credit again to Harper and Joe and here's to the next 50.

@homebhoys tonight 7.30pm CPT

* Look out for my 200th blog on Wednesday July 4th for an extra special cause

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