Monday, July 2, 2012

The calm before reform

Tomorrow(Tuesday) and Wednesday could be easily be the two most momentus days in Scottish football history.

It's a simple choice.

Will clubs apply the rules or cement the notion that Scottish football was run for the benefit of one club only.

I don't expect any Newco to play football next season. This is something we have discussed at length on @homebhoys for months now yet Graham Spiers is now saying Jim Delahunt was the first to ever mention this a few weeks ago.

I can only assume that Spiers have finally given up to the drink.

Most switched on folk gave up buying the tabloids years. The vile hatred of the working class that eminates from them did it for me, long before the likes of that blog today from class bore Jim Traynor.

This is the empire of Scottish football in ruins, looking for scraps, the establishment club and establishment media, finished.

We can only hope a new dawn has replaced it by Wednseday night.

*Look out for my 200th blog on Wednesday, for a special cause.

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