Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rangers are dead

Gone, vamoosh, done, over, extinct.

It's that simple. The intention to liquidate was made on June 12th. The liquidation process started on June 14th.

Players now are rejecting Sevco88.

They are not leaving Rangers.  They died. There is nothing to leave.

The Rangers strip brought out in May is now a piece of history, never worn and their last top ever.

Clubs are voting on whether to let Sevco88 into a professional league in Scotland. Not Rangers.

There is no "Old Firm"

Rangers are not trying to get "back" into a professional league.

Rangers timeline ended on June 14th.

Once Charles Green pins down what Sevco88 are doing, BDO will complete the liquidation of Rangers.

If you don't believe any of this, there is no hope for you, just do me favour, check the fixture lists.

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