Friday, June 15, 2012

New Club, Same Mindset

Andy Goram has been very vocal recently. You'll recall Andy Goram, he was the guy who claimed Marseille tried to bribe Mark Hateley and that they financially doped their way to the European Cup in 1993. Andy was raging about that, so when I heard he was coming on the radio to talk about Rangers I fully expected him to be as mad. He was. Just at all the victims of dead Rangers.

Then we have good old Watty, the most untouchable guy in Scottish football. Even when he isn't in Scottish football. You see when the papers broke the story yesterday Ally McCoist was about leave, er, nothing, most were not aware of the sub plot. Namely that the story was a plant to further smear Charles Green and wouldn't you know just a few hours later, the bold Watty appears wanting to save, eh no, sorry, be the Newco. That's some coincidence eh? The guy he wants out smeared all over the press that morning.

Cut to Scotland Tonight and a full hour of sorrow but no apologies. Plenty cries of "We've been punished enough". Ok, let's look at the punishments laid out for all the crimes so far. Eh, none. Right.
Today all over the media we have the Laptop Loyal trying to get Watty the keys of Ibrox and stir up the level of intimidation from the citizens of Scotland who must have been deported from Alabama at some point.

The mindset remains "We Are The People" and you do as your told. The difference is that everyone knows your game now and, frankly, the rest of Scotland is sick of it.

Old and new.

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