Monday, June 11, 2012

Here we go again...

So there will be something old and something new out soon. On August 31st I will be releasing From Albert, With Love, Dougie Dougie and Wim's Tims in one book. What's more is that all the typos will be cleaned up and it will be professionally edited, (ooh, look at me).

There's more though.

I wasn't comfortable with just re-heating cabbage so there will be a couple of new things in the collection. The first is a 5000 word preview of my new novel, The Last Pearl Diver, which will be out March 1st 2013. This is a story set in 1994 and it is a love story with a huge Celtic influence.

The other new part will be a 15,000 word behind the scenes look at the making of From Albert, With Love, Dougie Dougie and Wim's Tims. Don't worry, it's honestly not as boring as that sounds as you will see when you read it, I may have to flee Planet Earth...:-)

There will be a launch, provisionally September 1st, in Glasgow, where I hope some other writers will join me and one or two celebs as well. Plus a band for your entertainment pleasure.

The cause is something close to me, and donation will go there.

The book is a limited edition with just 100 copies available.

David Seaman's cock may also put in an appearance.

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