Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Day The Rangers Died

I used to always tell folk that 1988 was my favourite birthday, that was when Ray Houghton stuck it in the net versus England. Close to that was 1992 when I turned 18 and my drinkiing session started at 9am in The Gunner and ended at 4am in The Liquid Room.

When you get to my age you begin to dread birthdays, mostly because everyone else always seems to have a good one and yours is a damp squib.

Those dog days are over.

When the news hit that the CVA had been rejected by HMRC I was in bed. Trying to combine reading a book, writing a book and tweeting. There was a twenty minute period where I wrote continuously and then saw a text from @pauloneil1874 which simply read "CVA Rejected?". Quick confirmation on Twitter revealed the news we had all been waiting on;

Rangers are dead.

It's at moments like I often reflect. Amid the frenzy of delight, I started thinking of the machinations of it all, then I thought back to my own key moments of realisation. That glorious Monday February 13th when, gearing up for an @homebhoys show, the news came in that Rangers were going to go into administration. The atmosphere on the show was electric that night, through @harper1888 intro and that fabulous moment when @pmacgiollabhain , the commentator on Rangers demise, called in and set the show on fire.

From that day until this we have been fed so much utter drivel from Duff and Phelps, David Murray, Craig Whyte, Dave King, Campbell Ogilvie, Bill Miller, Paul Murray, Brian Kennedy, Jim Traynor, Keith Jackson, Tom English and, of course, Charles Green, anyone with a platform would be questioned daily "What's happening?, have you heard this? it says this in the paper" and so on, and it was time for all The Celtic Family to hold their nerve.

Even up to June 11th I was sent a Daily Mail article where a "financial expert" told all who would read that a CVA was a certainty to be accepted.

Reading Phil and @rangerstaxcase was the only information people needed, because they were right, all along, they were right. The bloggers like Paul McConville were right, the shows like @btwcelticshow were right. All faced fierce criticism in this time, all now are totally vindicated.

So my final birthday wish is for all Tims not to get hung up on them keeping history. They are dead. That history goes with them, it really is that simple.

Now where did I put that jelly and ice cream...

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