Friday, June 29, 2012

Can't keep running away

The letter sent out to Division 1 clubs was the final straw for a lot of supporters in Scotland. One Hibs fan I know cancelled his season ticket yesterday. His reason "Completely fed up with it all". I'm sure most rounded football fans in Scotland will echo that. With Jim Ballantyne-speak all over it, it went a long way to pushing even the most naive fans into a realisation of how rigged the game is in Scotland.

The two best CE's in Scottish football are Peter Lawwell and Rod Petrie. Neither of them are infallible but both have gone to the very top in Scottish football whislt maximising huge revenues for their clubs. Rod Petrie was able to sell players who had achieved sod all in the game for huge fees to almost wipe out Hibs debt. That takes skill. I know he has huge critics at Hibs and I don't blame them. Whilst Petrie has got the debt to acceptable levels and has a very good stadium in place, Hibs are absolutely dreadful and support is plummeting. See Rod Petrie is not paid for trophies, he's paid for figures.

Which brings me to Peter Lawwell. I've been in the camp for the last three weeks or so that Lawwell should say nothing. Rangers died and Sevco stumbled from one crisis to another, there was no need to say anything. I'm also fully aware that Peter Lawwell lives in Glasgow and the bearpit would love nothing more than a Celtic Bogeyman to pin all this on, and no one should have to suffer that.

However when that statement came out yesterday, proving the powers that be will stop at nothing to prop up a Newco, it is time for Celtic to act.

Jim Ballantyne(Above) has risen to the top of the Scottish Football League. Which says a lot about that league and given that Campbell Ogilvie remains as President of the SFA, you know what we are up against. I don't trust Rod Petire as far as I could throw him and the news that he is all over this "Newco to Div 1" comes no shock to me. Similarly Ballantyne has never hidden his colours and will always be an enemy of Celtic.

What I say now though is Peter Lawwell, this is your moment. Get out of your office and interact with the people you claim to represent. No more cosy chats with lickspittle blogs, no more no comments, your people demand leadership now more than ever. You have the power to destroy all this and if you don't, "January 2009" will be like a walk in the park compared to the reaction you'll get when supporters realise you had the chance and you blew it.

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