Thursday, May 24, 2012

What did they cost you?

We all remember that feeling walking out of Rugby Park nine years ago on May 25th. Despite winning the title three times down there since, it didn't make up for the fact that how could such a great Celtic team end a season with nothing?

There will be lots of blogs and opinions in the aftermath of Scotland's Enron last night but although there were plenty moments of fun throughout Mark Daly's programme I was left feeling sick by it. If we take into account that their investigation started from 2001 and saw huge amount of financial vandalism, the real cost to supporters isn't just the titles and trophies their teams missed out on, but much did you actually pay to prop up a corrupt league?

If we say from 2001-2011 then your average season ticket holder will have paid in £3-5000. If you are an away game attender then you can throw in another £5000 in ticket money and probably the same in travel costs. Chuck in your drink and food, and you're at over £15,000.


£15,000 to watch a rigged game.

This is the reason why I have held back on my season ticket. This is the reason why no one should have bought one until the decision is made on Rangers.

That decision can only be expulsion. There is no argument whatsoever for Rangers ever being allowed to play football again.

All supporters in Scotland now know the full extent of the corruption.

And just think back to how you felt at Rugby Park in 2003.

Never again.

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