Saturday, May 19, 2012

Paid in Chelsea

In the 80s a group of friends decided to up sticks and move to London for work. They ended up in Battersea and after one serious session on a Friday they ended up with centre stand tickets on the Saturday for Chelsea v Liverpool. Hungover they took their seats among the few posh folk there and started up a discussion among themselves "Who we supporting the day then?" Pause before reply "Ach Chelsea, Liverpool win everything and it would be good tae see them get beat fir once". As the teams finished their warm up "The Shed", where the most hardcore Chelsea fans stood, started up "The Sash". Cue my mates "Come on Liverpool!!!!!!!!"

I wass brought up in a time where Chelsea were a yoyo team, bit like West Ham now, and to see them win the Champions League last night was weird and, in all honesty, sickening. Sure they have moved a mile and a bit from theor racist, sectarian outlook as the middle and upper classes of West London pay for their expensive seats now and racism is comes from the captain more than the stands but the undercurrent of hate remains and witness the recent booing of the rememberance of 96 people dying to know that there are still a lot of hate-filled scum who follow them.

Chelsea have moved on from the days of booing their own player, Paul Canonville, on his debut on April 12 1982 but let's face it Chelsea won the lottery when Roman bought them and if they are a lottery winner, then they are Michael Carroll.

Sometimes football can leave you cold and yesterday was one of those freezing days. After Hearts thrashing of Hibs, a severe gubbing aye but the way Craig Thomson's performance has been brushed over is digraceful, you were looking for a classic Champions League Final, and what you got as Red Star Belgrade v Marseille. That said I don't have any truck with the wailing wall of Barcelona sympathisers greeting about their second teams exclusion from the tournament, you had two chances to beat Chelsea and couldn't.

So the curtain comes down on the season and all I can say is thankfully the Euros are not far away so yesterday can quickly be erased from the memory.

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