Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time to wake up

I've stayed off the net since Sunday as to be honest it only raises the blood pressure. There are tons of things that annoy me post games like Sunday and I am going to get a few off my chest now. First of all, folk who re-tweet or quote Rangers fans, what is wrong with you? Why do you think anyone of a Celtic persuasion is is interested in anything they have to say? Don't you hear enough of their bile?

Secondly, does anyone seriously think we are ever going to be allowed to just cruise to a title? Where you been the last century? The establishment will try every trick in the book to derail us, don't you get that yet? Haven't you realised that we would be as well getting a man sent off in the tunnel at Ibrox such is the certainty of it happening now?

Also, see when officials are criticised, decisions they have made and so on, why do folk say "Aye but we were shite as well?" Don't you understand that it's pretty hard to play in an enviroment where you know you're being shafted? You honestly can't see any connection?

Of course teams can play badly, players can have off days, that's football, but the amount of tripe I've read and heard about Sunday is staggering and folk need to wake up, we were allowed to play from about 80 mins, after they had established a numerical advantage of two players and a three goal lead and guess what? We almost got a fucking draw out of it (and I firmly believe we would have had Calum Murray not rounded off a day of cheating by blowing far too early for full time)

Supporting Celtic is not about being all "right on" and cow-towing to folk in your work or boozer, it's about standing up for who we are and what we are all about. Last week we congratulated Kilmarnock on a win achieved fair and square, this week we need to be beside our manager and we need remember that no one outside Celtic Park wants us to win.

We are all Neil Lennon.

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