Friday, March 30, 2012

Planet Scotland

There was a despairing air around a lot of people I know today when the verdict came on the trial that involved an attempt to kill our manager. The fact is after the attempted murder aspect was dropped, and the hate crime motive was barely mentioned, most people now saw a guilty verdict as pointless.

I've thought about where Scotland is going a lot recently. I believe the people of Scotland are going to vote for independence in October 2014. I believe this will happen for two reason, The Tory Party have enforced the notion that they couldn't give a toss about the Scots(and many others) and Alex Salmond is the best politician in Scotland by a mile.

I should say I am not a supprter of the SNP nor have I ever voted for them. In fact I've voted for only two people in my life, Willie Black(Socialist) on numerous occasions and Margo MacDonald(Independent) once. The thing is that Scotland is on a course for independence, you can feel it, the old establishment has gone.

Or has it?

Right now, as a club, we feel under siege(again). It feels like Neil Lennon only has to say boo for every goose in the land to go nuts.Similary the kind of reporting that goes along side anything Neil says or does is comparable to that of someone like George Galloway. Words are twisted, dramas turned into crisis and a sense of deep hatred seems apparent from quite a lot of people any time his name is metnioned.

I'd like to think that in an independent Scotland that this will change. No one will be demonised for their beliefs, no one will be allowed prominent platforms in the press to spout hate and every culture will be embraced. The thing is, on the whole,  most Scots people I encounter are absolutely brilliant folk, love a laugh, don't take themselves too seriously and would do anything for anyone. That said there is a sinister element in Scotland that influences a lot of facets of the establishment and, although nowhere near as powerful as it used to be, it's still there and still fighting.

Today's conclusion of the trial should make people think, what actually happened in this and how would I feel if it happened to me and mine? It should not be overlooked nor be about football rivalry. Football rivalry is me and my mate going at it back and forth on Twitter all day, seething about this, that and the other.

It's not about killing and maiming, and everyone should be allowed to express their own culture.

That's my hope for Planet Scotland.

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