Saturday, March 10, 2012

No hiding place for cheats

There seems to be a growing campaign to ensurre Rangers are punished as little as possible for what is now a mountain of cheating and illegality. A media in Scotland with no real clue what is going on, other than it being bad for Rangers so bad for them, have started to get on message in the last few days, the main culprits being the BBC with Liam McLeod and Chris McGlaughlin chief licksplittles. Tweeting constant propaganda will only get them so far.

I've little doubt that the SFA are as cuplable in all this, they turned a blind eye to the shenanigans for years, as they did with the policy of apartheid at Ibrox as well, and now Stuart Regan faces a massive test of his own, and by extension his organisation, credibility. Celtic supporters are watching, waiting for anyone to put their lot in with Rangers and a very real possibility exists of a boycott of Rygby Park on April 7th should any moves to allow Rangers Newco straight into the SPL bear fruit.

Have no fear that Celtic are ready to go turbo as well. Peter Lawwell and co have been criticised on this page many times but make no mistake, Peter Lawwell is the most powerful man in Scottish football and he hasn't even loaded his guns yet.
I read with interest on Twitter last night Gabrielle Marcotti share his thoughts on the whole thing, namely that Rangers and the SFA were as guilty as each other and his utter amazement in the number of good leads in the story that have not been followed up by Scottish journalists.

We know what we are up against, he does too now, and that's why the Celtic spotlight must shine brightest of all.

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