Monday, March 12, 2012

The Media Darlings

A good win for Celtic yesterday. Probably the hardest game we could have got and we took full advantage of the blatant thuggery of Robbie Neilsen. After spending, what felt like, days on the Megabus yesterday,  I got back in just in time for the Sportscene highlights and, as usual, the panel consisted of no one with anything to do with Celtic. Call me old fashioned but the two form teams in Scotland meeting in the quarter final of the Scottish Cup is the biggest game of the day isn't it? Not according to Sportscene. Paw Broon was wheeled out to sit along side Horace Nevin, probably to make Nevin look slightly less daft.

As they poured over the Motherwell-Aberdeen game very little was made of one of most shocking tackles I've ever seen. Keith Lasley tried to injure Fraser Fyvie. It was a horrible, disgusting tackle that should be punished further than the red card it did get. Cue Broon and Horace telling us all that Keith is a great guy, out of character and would never do that normally.


The lack of reality coming from most of the media in Scotland is astounding but not surprising. Most of their remit is to look after their own, that's why you'll see Lasley, like Steven Craigan, on Sportscene soon enough. That's why you'll see a desperate attempt to spin anything positive for Rangers fans. Same as Radio Scotland employing and giving platforms to people who time and again have been proven to be liars.

It was heart-warming to hear Neil Lennon tell that baffoon of a man Chris McGlaughlin why Celtic refused to speak to the media this week and there must be more of this. Too many media darlings can do whatever they want in Scotland and this culture is helping kill the game as a raft of nepotism and negativity engulfs the media but not in the game.

See one thing the media won't highlight was the singing at Fir Park yesterday. From the Motherwell end we heard "Champions League, when Rangers die" and from the Aberdeen end "Shagging a sheep, when Rangers die"

Now there's a bit reality.

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