Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A long journey to Ibrox on Sunday

Good show on @homebhoys last night, very much beginning the healing process after Sunday's debacle. We have all been there before of course. We have all witnessed debacles that we thought we'd never come back from, my all time worst being Raith Rovers on November 27th 1994. I felt numb after that game, humilated. After Fergus had took over, this was supposed to be the start of the fight back and we had fallen at the first hurdle. In the semi final that year we took 38,000 supporters to the semi final v Aberdeen. This was after five years of winning nada, zilch, zip. So to do that and then win that game, only to lose to a first division side in the final, was truly horrific.

There have been many other debacles of course, and the closest to that Raith game, for me, would be Fir Park on May 22nd 2005. To this day I still do not know how we contrived to lose that game and that league. The thing that is common about debacles of this nature is that you'd give anything to be able to bounce back immediately from them. You're plunged into such despair and subjected to so much ridicule that you wou'd walk over broken glass to give all your detractors one big "Fuck you".

Well what do you know but we have that chance. On Sunday, we could win the league at Ibrox. I'll repeat that "Win the league at Ibrox" . Now on @homebhoys last night @harper1888 made the point that he did not want to win the league at Ibrox, he wanted it at home in front of as many of our supporters as possible. It's a fair point. There is though the historical edge to Sunday, we have not won a league at Ibrox since May 6th 1967, and pretty much every Celtic supporter alive wants revenge for May 2nd 1999 when Hugh Dallas delivered a title to his beloved. The only time in my life we have had the opportunity to win a league at Ibrox was May 14th 1983. Coincidentally this was the first time I ever attended Ibrox but at 2-0 down at half time, very little hope was given. Cue a memorable You'll Never Walk Alone and a stunning fight back that saw a 4-2 victory and, although the league was not won, that was the way to lose it.

So, there is a huge chance to lift the gloom on Sunday and if the players, especially the ones who took the afternoon off last Sunday, have anything about them at all, they will win the league at Ibrox on Sunday, regardless of results elsewhere, because part of our raison d'etre is to bury them at every opportunity.

And there's never been a better one.

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