Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eyes trained on Traynor

It was revealed on @homebhoys on Wednesday, by @machrie72, that Jim Traynor had effectively been demoted at the Daily Record recently. No one on the panel had any idea of this and it was a great scoop. To have the mouthpiece of Murray gone would be a big coup indeed and you'd think, given the ongoing revelations from Ibrox, it would be justified. Problem is, it's not strictly true, although there's no way @machrie72 could have known this at the time, because Traynor is now becoming a bigger enemy of Celtic.

Traynor wanted to leave the Record but they wanted him to stay so badly that they offered him an incredible deal. No longer will he have to deal with the mundane side of management, the paper work and so on. The day to day stuff has gone but he still gets paid the same and he now has more time to work in the broadcast media and develop his own projects, such as the look at Scottish football that was recently on the BBC.

Far from being demoted, Traynor still has all his power just without the hasssle and this can be dangerous for us.

Cast your mind back to his "I'm a bigger Rangers man than you are" spat with Chick Young. That's the kind of mindset with more time on his hands and just as much power. Of course Traynor and the Record do not want you to know this but be under no illusions, Traynor's stock at the Record has risen a lot recently as his Rangers "exclusives" were a huge hit for the paper.

So everyone in The Celtic Universe be away, Traynor has not left the table containing succulent lamb just yet.

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