Sunday, February 26, 2012

Death by a thousand C****

They are going to die. That is the most crucial aspect of the ongoing farce at Ibrox. As administration enters its third week, you are about to witness a glorious week of their players, lots of whom were happy to cheat, be made redundant this week. We have heard the uneducated, biased nonsense from some pundits and journos who claim Scottish football will be far worse without them. It won't be, anyone knows football knows this a chance for Scottish football to re-shape the game for the good. In all honesty, the non-biased bloggers and podders are probably too young to remember Scottish football in the 80s, when Aberdeen were winning leagues and European trophies, Dundee Utd won a league and got to a European Cup semi and UEFA Cup final and when Hearts almost won a double. All this ended when Rangers decided to spend money they didn't have and make Scottish football unsustainable.

Let them die.

Let's face facts here, if Hearts were going for the league, Tynecastle would be full every week. Ditto Easter Road and Pittodrie. People can say what they want about football, above all else, they want to see a winning team. Hearts have three trophies in 40 years, Hibs the same, yet still retain a hardcore support. Attendances are down at Easter Road mainly due to the fact that the club has been in decline since John Collins left in 2007. Rangers support was bolstered by their spening money they didn't have, in the 80s Ibrox was empty and they had to give us an allocation 24,000 just to fill it for derby games.

Let them die.

Rangers won numerous leagues and cups because of cheating. When Juventus did this they were stripped of said titles and demoted. This is the minimum punishment Rangers should receive if they manage to avoid liquidation that seems more and more a certainty by the day. Any newco should start at the bottom of Scottish football and if this did not happen, and they were parachuted into the SPL, Scottish football would be finished.

Let them die.

The reason there is such a sectarian attitude in Scotland is because of Rangers. Their policy of apartheid from 1911-1989 is the reason people is Scotland think it is ok to abuse Catholics and Irish. They were allowed to do so for so long that it became a fabric of Scottish society that will never leave us until it is properly addressed. If you want a generation of our kids not exposed to this every time Rangers play a game.

Let them die.

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