Monday, January 23, 2012

Hurley Burley

Anyone who heard Craig Burley's comments pre match on Saturday may well have thought they made a big mistake getting out of bed. Seemingly our entire team will be sold in the transfer window. Here was me thinking that it was another team in Glasgow who were in desperate need to sell(later confirmed by Ally McCoist who is now begging Craig Whyte to sell Jelavic asap) but no, Burley alerted the viewers to the fact that scouts were looking at our players.

What a revelation.

I'll let you into a secret Craig, the reason scouts are looking at our players is that we have good players, most of whom are far better than you ever were. Similarly when you delighted in telling the viewers that not everyone wants to play for Celtic, you forgot to add that we were the biggest club you ever played for and the club who give you the platform to be a pundit for the likes of ESPN. You really think anyone would give a toss about a bit part Chelsea player that they could not get out of the door quick enough when money was being spent.

Finally Craig, when you talk of players lacking ambition by wanting to stay in Scotland, let me remind you that when you left Celtic, you joined that giant of the game, Derby.

Having said all that, I would love nothing more than if you took your own advice and left Scotland, never commentating on a game here again.

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