Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paradise Found

So last night I actually went to a game. After a mammoth 14 hour kip, the result of a couple of flights back from America, my best laid plans went tits up after said sleep saw me sleep in. I got through to a wet and windy Glasgow where I was picked up by my friend John Paul, who also had my ticket, and we departed to the Prince Charlie for a few beers. I realised then my ticket was for slap bang on the middle of the Green Brigade, I've been a fervent supporter before now I am for life, and being in amongst them was like being back in The Jungle. Non stop singing and supporting was, for me, just unbelievable.

I'd also met Willie Keane before the game and this added to a growing feeling of "I'm home" that was washing over me. This felt fantastic. The game itself wasn't much of a spectacle but we got the win we deserved and back on top of that league for 2012, Yes I'll happily take the credit for that...hahaha. I have to say that to join in The Huddle and JCGE after marvelling at both from afar was very emotional for me and it was that kind of feeling of being back where you belong that really made me as happy as I've been in a long time.

There was also the fact that I could see my eldest son James in the main stand jumping up and down going crazy like the rest of us. Man that felt good. My thoughts also drifted to The Bronx and Pennsylvania knowing my friends there were partying and would be ecstatic at the win too. I love it when a plan comes together.

It's my Father's birthday on January 1st, 66 he would have been had he lived, I hope that he sees his son and grandsons following on the family tradition which is, of course, supporting Celtic forever and a day.

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