Thursday, December 8, 2011

Launch it from The Bronx

Most of you will know by now that circumstances will see me back in Scotland from the end of December for an extended stay. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster year with many highs and the odd low thrown in too. By about the first week in November I was completely frazzled when plans were afoot for a book launch in December. I've never done an official book launch before, the closest I've probably came was when Albert Kidd came to The Bronx in May. So when the guys from @btwcelticshow decided they fancied a trip to The Bronx, we thought why not coincide it with a launch? As usual, Bronx Bhoys President Chas Duffy was keen and supportive and the news that he is getting rolls, bacon and sausage in delighted all!

When I was in NYC previously, I'd been in the Bronx club a couple of times, a 1-1 draw v Hibs in Dec 07 and I was also there when Big Jan headed us back intp the title race in Apr 08 and both times found the people in the club to be a welcoming lot. Moving to The Bronx in October 10 saw me in most weeks and getting to know the Bhoys and Ghirls there was a real pleasure. Making lots of real friends is something I hadn't really done in other Celtic clubs in NYC and it's because in The Bronx you can't just sit and watch the game, folk will come up to you, welcome you and so on. Most others have maybe one or two folk who take it upon themselves to do that specifically in a committee role, I found everyone did it in The Celtic House where The Bronx Bhoys are located. So when it came to the idea of a book launch in NYC, there was only one venue in mind.

Thing is, what do I do there? Well I have 25 books sent from the publisher that I hope to sell at $20 each, signed by me unless folk think that devalues it of course, and I'll also be taking along Jackie McNamara's top from the day we stopped 10 in a row. Both books and top are for one thing, to raise as much money for the Phil O'Donnell Trust as possible,. When all is said and done, that's what it is all about. It's great that @grahamdwilson @seamusmag and @revhooligangss with be there from @btwcelticshow as their voices have been like a soundtrack to the Wim's Tims project. They should not forget that.

So call in on Saturday, be part of the launch and the live show. As you can see Graham, a consumate profressional, is waiting to take your calls on all the Celtic issues of the day, right after the Hearts game and there will be a few guests also.

Of course, like any event, doubts always appear when it gets closer, what if the Celtic game is cancelled on Saturday? What if the wifi doesn't work in the pub? What if someone shoots me before Saturday? The answer to all of these is simple, TIM UP. We do live in a world now where men can wimp out at the first sign of any hiccup.

Just not in The Bronx.

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