Friday, December 16, 2011

It's YOU who isn't the supporter Lawwell

It's at the point where you can set your watch by a Peter Lawwell gaffe. His horrific comments about supporters at the Udinese game serve as another reminder that this man's ego is completely out of control to the point where he wants to handpick supporters who go to games. Folk who know him are well used to this tactic. He loves his cosy wee chats at Celtic Park and his wee handouts of execuive tickets to supporters who will toe his line, as Matt McGlone put it "The Celtic Succulent Lamb"

There was a time when he had a lot of web and fanzine guys in for said cosy chats but most saw through him eventually, sadly some still back him to the hilt regardless of the negative impact on Celtic or the supoorters. It's things like his refusal to even discuss his enormous bonus that rile supporters, you know, the supporters who go without just so they can go and see Celtic. Or when SNP passed a bill designed to attack our culutre and identity, where was Lawwell then?

Quite frankly Lawwell is surrounded by so many arselickers and folk who give him credence, it's beyond cringeworthy when he makes a fleeting appearance at a supporter event. Mealy mouthed words about "The Celtic Family" as he schemes to think up new ways to piss us off.

Celtic supporters deserve much more than a man like this. You only have to look at the eloquent and passionate defence Brian Wilson made of our songs recently to know how things should be. Instead we have the bold Pedro, swanning about Celtic Park like he owns the place, told by his lackeys that he is right and everyone else is wrong and giving knowing nods to the comfy seat brigade who sit silent whilst this man continues to isolate and attack our ow supporters.

Shame on you all.

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