Friday, December 23, 2011

It's no place for the old

This will be my second last blog of 2011. It's a weird one as it is tinged with sadness, anger and excitement. We are leaving New York on Monday to go back to Scotland. Our lives have been a nightmare now for three months with stress off the charts. A series of talks, and quite a few shouting matches, got us to the decision to come bac, not to mention people who need us. In the last four years my life has ran thus, just the point something bad happens in it, 25 other bad things happen at the same time. Added to which it's at those points people around you reveal their true character. This normally shows itself in three forms, Back You, Ignore You or Fuck You. And not the good way either.

Things started to go bad for us right about the time Wim's Tims came out, nothing to do with the book at all, but a series of events went against us which made relations very strained here to the point where you became a George Harrison, What Is Life kind of guy. The torches on those dark days came from The Celtic Family. People close to us here like Chas Duffy, Frankie Fraser and Gary Haley. The kind of guys who if you had to sit in the trenches, you'd want them at either side of you. Time and again offering help, support and much needed laughs. The mistake folk always make in these situations is they always assume good things will come from people who cannot wait to see you suffer. With guys like Chas, Frankie and Gary around, they make times like that so much easier.

Having to go out and promote a book knowing there is constant crisis in the home is not easy but it is made much easier by the following people Chris McGuigan, David Harper, Joe McKenna, Graham Wilson, Seamus Cummings, The Rev, Jim McGuigan and Housey. Quite often I'd go on shows after some real terrible days, some when a long month lay ahead, some when my confidence was low or some when the last thing I felt like doing was talking to folk yet as soon as you did, you felt better, that's what family is.

Often on Twitter it was my lifeline when everything else was falling apart, the banter would still flow. I suppose this is what we could call in football "The transitional period" but in these situations you find out a lot about yourself and the others around you, in the long run, that is a good thing. Also we did manage to raise the $2000 target for The Phil O'Donnell Trust and there will be more to come, that's what family is. More importantly the name Phil O'Donnell lives on. As I said before some people walk away or worse kick you when you're down, they were never worth it in the first place but if you've just read this, you know you're worth it and for that, I love you..

Merry Christmas one and all

Hail Hail

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