Monday, November 21, 2011

SPL shaft supporters again

The news that the SPL have done yet another pointless deal with SKY/ESPN is a hammer blow to all match going supporters and those who watch around the world at all hours. The deal so far has been a disaster with pitiful amounts of money going into the coffers of clubs to simply pay the wages of the men who sign these horrendous TV contracts. The SPL couldn't give a toss about supporters and in all honesty if Neil Doncaster has managed to walk and chew gum at the same time, I'll be amazed.

Crowds are dwindling in Scotland, with overpriced tickets and ridiculous kick off times now guaranteed for the next five years in Scotland, the game is up, the SPL is not sustainable and will die in the time period unless there is dramatic and positive change. Most clubs in the SPL don't give a toss about how the TV deal works out, they will very rarely be on TV and their fans will very rarely be inconvenienced by TV.

In terms of Celtic, largest travelling support, largest amount of season ticket holders, largest worldwide audience, we are the ones who get shafted the most. We are the ones expected to get up early on Sundays to go watch our team, we are the ones we have to watch very early morning or late at night, sometimes the middle of the night and we are ones who are expected to pick up the tab so the rest of the SPL can operate.

In a country that does everything it can to weaken and undermine its biggest team, we should never really have been surprised.

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