Saturday, October 1, 2011

When the passive bigot awakens...

Celtic travel to Tynecastle tomorrow for a game which will probably not live up to the hype and reinforce the mantra that Martin O'Neill always said "We don't have to be better, we have to be miles better" The "people" who waged war against Celtic last season are now starting to see the inside of courts, although time will tell what sort of verdict they will get...

For me though it's not them we have to worry about, it's the folk who live with their head up their arse most of their life and then bring it out any time they see a weakness in us. I've seen this many times in Scotland over the years, a poor Celtic side will lose at Tynecastle and you'll see the types of folk who sit sleeping in the centre stand all season suddenly in your face, revelling in your failure.

Or there is the types who put themselves out there as men of the people, trading in favours, acting the good guy only to be dancing round TV studios when something happens to us like a dodgy penalty against us in the Europa League perhaps.

Or the passive bigot, the one who will claim not to be a bigot but "Just can't stand Neil Lennon at all" but will think Ally McCoist is a "cheeky chappie".

These are the ones to keep an eye on, the ultra bigots are easy kept in check. There are thousands of the former in Scotland, unfortunately some of our fans can react in the worst possible way, losing the plot and blessing themselves for no apparent reason, when the real reaction, the best reaction is to say we are watching...

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