Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I was watching the 1988 Scottish Cup Semi at the weekend. There are obviously some fantastic memories from it not least the late comeback that snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and that fact that 67,000 people showed up for it.

Paul McStay was immense that day, probably his best game ever in a Celtic jersey. Problem was he kept passing to Frank McAvennie who had his worst game in a Celtic jersey! The highlight for me though was the equaliser. Not just because it was a long time coming or brought us back into the game but because of the celebration of Paul McStay. The sheer delight on his face as he jumps up and down in front of the main stand is a joy to behold. It's very similar to his delight when he grabbed the equaliser against Hearts in December 1987 in a 2-2 draw.

Difference this time? Paul didn't score the equaliser at Hampden.

The look and expression of joy should be a lesson to all our players, here we had a bonafide genius who just loved playing for Celtic and was just as happy for a team mate to grab the glory. I remember a game at Ibrox, pre match, and Paul was warming up. The fans in the Broomloan were singing The Celtic Song and Paul turned round and joined in.

That's what being Celtic-Minded is.

All our players could take a leaf out of Paul's book, a man who served the club for 15 years with pride and fought every week for Celtic, sometimes surrounded by some terrible players, yet he never gave in, never gave up and went on to become a legend.

Paul McStay is something we can and should all apsire to. As a supporter, we'll never match him as a player.

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