Saturday, October 29, 2011

How tired are you?

After yet another recovery ends before it really begins, I am truly sick and tired of this. I've said for years what I think the problems are at Celtic but for those who have not yet had the opportunity to tell me I am wrong then here they are again


Now, I don't want Neil Lennon to get sacked. I thought we were off our heads to give him the job in the first place, but to sack him now? Are we really going to go down the extremist route again? Neil was a rookie manager who should never have been given the job but we gave him it and he got the team going again. This lead to threats, bombs and bullets. After all that happened, the biggest crime of all was to not give Neil all the support in the world in the summer, instead of the paltry budget we did give him.

Neil, you should have walked then, you would have been supported by everyone&all this would have came to a head in the summer.

Instead though he plodded on despite knowing he'd been lied to by the board and that his team was not good enough to win the SPL. The frustrations of this, coupled by some of the players undermining in different ways, and the lack of backing by a board more concerned with self preservation is why we now sit 12 points behind.

When people say "Sack Neil Lennon" the same names are trotted out Roy Keane, Davie Moyes, Mick McCarthy, Owen Coyle. Why? Cause they are all connected to Celtic. Is that really where we are now? We think the same as Rod Petrie does for Hibs?  Celtic are in crisis, of that there is no doubt. I say that because it takes a special type of team to smash a team 4-1 then look inferior to them a mere three days later. I blame the players for this. Quite frankly Gary Hooper has been a passenger this season, Kayal took the first two months off, Ki doesn't know whether he's coming or going and you throw that in with players like Loovens, Mastorivic, Wilson(take your pick) and Bangura(funny how he's fit again eh?) what on earth do we all expect to happen?

So the point is, what is the point of sacking Neil Lennon, when they same people will pick a new manager on a criteria of you've got no money, some say in team selection but for God's sake don't question anything we do.

I am tired of this.

I get a lot of abuse, some really vile stuff at times, any time I slag off Desmond and Lawwell in particular. TBH I am past caring because I'll tell you this, I'll stop blogging about them when they start giving us our club back.

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