Monday, September 19, 2011

The Witching Hour is upon Celtic

After another catastrophe at Ibrox, a result that sums up what an utter shambles the club is at the minute, I often wonder what the hell it will take for people to wake up. Every time I see Peter Lawwell attend supporter events I realise how far in some fans are and how they will never question anything he does. An incredible, astounding and heartbreaking thing. Remember when you were angry young men?

Let's look at Celtic since Thursday. We go to Madrid and yet another baffling team selection is thrown at us.  As fans, we aren't the only ones who questioned it, look at who was completely excluded from yesterdays game, it's not that hard to figure out. After the game the team stayed in Madrid. They didn't get back until 5pm on Friday afternoon. Who on earth sanctioned that? Before a game at Ibrox?

We go to Ibrox on Sunday, drop four good performers in Stokes, Forrest, Ledley and Matthews, what was the thinking behind that? Who in their right mind breaks up the most potent strike force in Scottish football? Why was a clearly unfit Scott Brown played, a player who now faces a lengthy spell on the sidelines because of it.

Which takes me onto signings. Kelvin Wilson looks not bad but will be destroyed by the lack of a consistent and good partner. Adam Matthews has show he can play but gets dropped for Mark Wilson, a player I can only assume has wiped the manager's memory since 2006. Victor Wanyama it seems no one has the first clue where he plays and we are almost at October. Forster, the main target of the management team over the summer, was another disaster yesterday. El Kaddouri had an awful game and Bangura, well, I know it's early and I know his appearances have been fleeting but he has shown nothing. This paragraph is all opinion, no problem being told I am wrong.

Let's move onto some facts.

What on earth is happening at Youth level? With most of the U19s freed last season, Chris McCart is running the show and has brought in his pals Scott Leitch, Colin Meldrum and David Moss, men with no affinity whatsoever for Celtic to put it mildly and who are not delivering. This is an area that a lot of focus should be on and it is turning to shit.

This brings me to Neil Lennon. As much as we all love him, it's not working.  What started after losing four goals at St Mirren Park 18 months ago ended with conceding four at Ibrox yesterday. All fans hope is gone and it was apparent to all yesterday that something is inherently wrong.

Celtic have been guilty of complacency from the top, to the point where it has hard to pinpoint anything positive about the club at the minute. I know where the blame lies, do you?

Incidentally, Tony Mowbray is doing quite well again eh? Funny what you can do when there's no interference.

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