Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who fears to speak of Neil Lennon

I doubt Neil Lennon has had many more worse days than today. He will have woken up to the knowledge that now knows 100% he will never get justice in Scotland. Being Neil Lennon is a crime in itself in the eyes of a hell of a lot of Scotland and that is never going to change. You can kid yourself on as much as you want but Neil Lennon is the most hated man in Scotland. That's never going to change.

When I wrote Dougie Dougie's epilogue I spoke about the power of New Media and Social Media. Similarly when on Beyond The Waves Celtic Show, I said we will never change the bigots, you just have to weaken them. Which then makes the words today of Peter "Bonus" Lawwell all the more bizarre. he speaks of being "Mystified" by the verdict. Really Peter? You've lived in Scotland all your life, did it really shock you that much?

Why weren't Celtic prepared for such an outcome? What on earth made them look like a rabbit caught in the headlights here? A civil action should have been launched immediately, why wasn't it?

Neil Lennon was hung out to dry by the Scottish Courts yesterday. He continues to be hung out to dry by Peter Lawwell.

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