Wednesday, September 28, 2011

St. Peter

I am sure many Celtic supporters, like me, are today feeling foolish, or in my case even more foolish than normal. The news that Peter Lawwell has decided, again, to defer part of his bonus, again, proves this man is a Saint. Clearly not taking his money now, leaving it sit in the Celtic bank account for an extra few months, before getting it, is the act of a man who, if not on the Nobel Peace Prize list already, he bloody well should be.

Given this act of pure selflessness, I've looked at other things he has done at the past and can now see what they really meant. For example, when VAT was decreased and season ticket prices were not, that was Peter telling us "We don't buckle to any Governments, that was me telling the support, despite that pesky Reid, I'm still in charge" 

Similarly when Peter oversaw a change in policy that meant that director bonuses were not linked to anything on the pitch, that was Peter saying "I want fans to know the American Dream still exists, you can be make it to the top of the pay scale regardless, I'm no gawn tae America though, they expect a tip aw the time!"

It's like when Peter went after Tony Mowbray, Peter knew he had all the skills required to be a Celtic manager, a yes man and, er, that's it. That's how Pedro honed his skills to ensure the current manager gets so little backing from the board in the transfer market, you see how it works, at Celtic, you fail UP the way! Yipee!

And finally, when Peter does not spend money on players, WE ALL don't spend money on players? You know why? Cause it's YOUR money.

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