Sunday, September 25, 2011

Green Brigade highlight the ignorance

The least said about the performance yesterday, the better. Sitting at home watching the game, flashbacks to the Strachan era were too much to bear. I thought, at first, the fans at the game were showing their disdain as Celtic Park was like a morgue, then an almighty cheer came, then another, then another. To be fair to the commentators they mentioned right away that a protest was taking place by The Green Brigade against the absolutely ridiculous new law coming in about "Offensive" Behaviour.

I'm not the type to jump about mental at games but I've been a huge supporter of The Green Brigade since their principled breakaway from the now defunct "Jungle Bhoys". They have made mistakes, I'm sure they'll admit, but they have evolved into a strong and commanding voice amongst the Celtic support, one with an ability to perfectly illustrate the ignorance we Celtic supporters have to face.

The Green Brigade have outlived most of their critics, most of whom were middle-aged men upset by anything, or keyboard warriors whose grasp of the Celtic ethos is unrecognisable to most. This new law is an ass and for The Green Brigade to highlight that is a good thing.

Celtic's history is littered with that rebel streak running through it, started by Michael Davitt, and I've always seen Celtic supporters as people who never took themselves too seriously, could sing and tell stories with the best of them and took their seat very much on the side of the anti-establishment. That's who we are and no one will ever change that, not directors, police, politicians or folk who take themselves far too seriously.

It should also be said that throughout Celtic's history, they have been targetted by various groups and individuals hellbent on undermining the club at every opportunity why bother with their opinion? It is often said Jock Stein was very anti Rebel song and waded into the crowd at Stirling to stop folk singing them. This is absolute nonsense, ask any Lisbon Lion as rebel songs were played on the bus every week. The songs being sung that day are not the songs being sung today and people should stop continuing to spout this blatant lie to justify their campaign for the Hibernianisation of Celtic.

I hope The Green Brigade continue to go from strength to strength, they epitomise what I was brought up to believe Celtic are all about, and no amount of revision will change that.

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