Friday, August 26, 2011

When Dermot killed the goose

There is a scene in the film Glengarry Glen Ross where two real estate salesman are lamenting the hard times they find themselves in. At one stage one of them says, on a previous land deal, "They killed the goose", referring to the fact that they had a good thing, blew it, and it never came back again.

Celtic used to be a club that had a family in it. Employess you could talk to, rely on, who understood how Celtic worked, that it wasn't just about money. Peter Lawwell changed that culture into one of fear and dictatorship. Now, Fergus kicked a lot of arses but people knew he was right, Allan MacDonald was a nut job whose bombastic nature made him a figure of fun inside the club, Ian McLeod was most popular among staff but it was Martin O'Neill who had everyone going in the same direction. The five years MON was at Celtic, Lawwell was there for two of them, nobody knew he was, because MON ran the club and everyone loved him. Towards the end of the 04/05 season MON lost focus for obvious reasons but the plan was put in place to get rid of him regardless, MON was always going. Because MON would have no problems tell Dermot Desmond to go fuck himself. The night DD knew MON had to go was after we lost 3-0 at Shaktar in 2004 and MON went home in DD’s plane that night, said the team needed £15-20m to strengthen and he would do it for him. DD said no and MON told us, the supporters, to “Get ready for life in the slow lane”

The goose had been killed.

Gordon Strachan was approached in March 05 and the first thing he was told was “You need to sell to buy”.
Therein lay the beginning of the end of Celtic as a player and is the reason why we are now a laughing stock.

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