Monday, August 22, 2011

Time to Huddle up Peter

I was as angry as anyone yesterday after that pathetic performance. Four good players missing, four other players playing out of position, makes it pretty easy to understand why it looked so disjointed, it does not however explain the lack of urgency, fight and belief. Neil Lennon was right to berate the players but he himself must look in the mirror as there was no Plan B. Again.

That all said this is not time for knee-jerk reactions. We will be a better team once Kayal, Hooper and Kelvin Wilson come back and it's August, not February. I heard a lot of people criticise the supporters yesterday, and whilst I will never blame the fans for the defeat as some did, we need to keep cool here. The glee with which our defeat yesterday was met gives a timely indication of how many enemies we already have, without turning on each other.

I watched with interest Peter Lawwell give a speech at the Celtic Graves event on Saturday and he spoke of Celtic being a unique club. If he's not careful, that uniqueness is going to be a club who were streets ahead of their rivals and did everything they could to stall and offer said rival life support. Make no mistake about it, this is the most crucial week of the current board's tenure. We are one defeat in Sion from this era being the worst we have had to suffer since the mid 90s and when you consider that in that era, all director bonuses have remained intact, they must realise that a failure to spend and being knocked out of Europe in August again would mean they are living on borrowed time. Players have off days, managers get things wrong, fans can lose it but to get it so spectacularly wrong on such a consistent basis is a hark back to the days of the Kellys and Whites.

It's time for all Celtic supporters, players and directors to huddle up, and the directors need to lead it this week.

Otherwise they might regret extending the car park.

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