Thursday, August 11, 2011

Phil is all you need

When Hillary Clinton was running for President in 2008, husband Bill went on the campaign trail with her. I am a huge fan of Bill Clinton and got to shake his hand in 2008 after he did a speaking gig I attended at Radio City. His influence is such that you hear "Bill" and think "Clinton".

On Radio Clyde on Tuesday, when the story that Phil Mac Giolla Bhain broke at the weekend was mentioned, Jim Delahunt made reference to it by saying "This is Phil's story you mean" and it struck me that in the Celtic Universe we now no longer need any more than "Phil" to know exactly who we are talking about. That's some achievement.

Lately Phil has some flak, anytime your head goes above the parapet someone will want to knock it off, no one is more aware of this than Phil. What I like about Phil, amongst other things, was that in the weeks he was getting flak, he was still working away to break the Sheriff Officers at Ibrox story where many others would have just said "fuck it" and gave up. Not Phil. If last year told us anything, it's that Phil doesn't give up easily. Just ask Hugh Dallas.

We need all the Phil's we can get, there is a huge Hail Hail Media emerging where we can come at the establishment from all angles and people like Phil and Paul Brennan enabled that.

Everyone has flaws, none more so than me, so before we all jump on our high horse, let's be happy in the fact that Phil is one of us and doesn't give up easily, cause if he did, who'd be telling us about the latest hun debacle?

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