Thursday, August 25, 2011

Celtic on Life Support

Can we say now that we are officially Shamrock Rovers? That seems to be the mentality now, given our pathetic attempts to even get into Europe, the club is sliding faster down than an Ice Lolly on a chute. As a club, we remain a worldwide institution run by incompetent, greedy, shallow men, as a team we are rudderless, with no leadership on the park and a management team who are out their depth when it comes to the crunch.

This is now the worst era at Celtic since Brady-Macari-Burns.

Why are we accepting this? Everyone knows the problems at Celtic, we have the worst CEO since Kenneth Lay, we have a dictator who owns 29.9% of the club yet makes every decision without consultation, we have employees who ponce around in suits and glasses they don’t need, never having paid into a Celtic game in their lives, trying to tell us how to behave.

For five years now I have been saying it and I will say it again, until the regime changes, NOTHING will change at Celtic.

We are a few bad results away from complete collapse of the whole club.

Sickened, saddened but not surprised.

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