Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's worth a sore Arse

The Celtic Family on Twitter will be aware of one Stephen Rodgers who is doing the Leadville 100 for the First Descents Charity which helps kids who have suffered or are suffering from Cancer. Between him and his wife Sorina, they have raised a staggering $6000, the majority of Stephen's coming from the members of the Global Hoops CSC which he is also a member of. Stephen, or "Tartan Heed" as he is known in certain circles, has been pounding the road for years now, boring us all to death with his tales of going up hills, coming down hills, going up hills and that's just on a Saturday night.

The Leadville 100 is one of the toughest cycle races in the world, with Lance Armstrong often competing, which gives you an idea of how tough it actually is. Some would say Stephen does all this because he's under the thumb. I can say now that's totally wrong, he's under the whole hand.

The cast you see is after an injury he sustained at the Las Vegas Convention. I'll not say what happened exactly, just that he asked a Brian McAvoy and Skippy for a donation, Skippy was fine, Brian, well, just watch Casino...

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