Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dublin Up

Let's face it, the Dublin Super Cup was badly organised, overpriced, and almost a  waste of time(hey, we did win eventually). I am very uncomfortable with the SPL playing and we are not, folk say that is not our fault, but aren't we supposed to be running Scottish football now? There are lots of reasons why we are in Dublin but the main one is the incessant need Peter Lawwell has to boost the bottom line. Let's be clear here, no amount of "prestigous" friendlies will ever boost our transfer kitty. If you think they will, then I ask you this, where is our £5m a year from Nike? This type of money helps keep the bonuses of the directors in line, nothing more. How anyone can say these two games in any way prepares us for the SPL is beyond me. The organisers were hoping that Man City would have hoovered up the world's best players and that thousands would have flocked to see them whilst of course they would have came from all over Ireland to see Celtic, right....wrong.

Ireland was given another 7.5bn Euro bail out the other week, the country is on it's knees at the minute and if anyone seriously expects folk to be able to drop everything for a weekend in one of the most expensive cities in Europe, they really need to wonder if they are in the right job. The world economy is changing, the money is in Australia, Brazil, China, developing a new type of economy, you know, one which gives you something for your money or in other words "A capitalists nightmare" Also, on the subject of daft friendlies, It's not like there was any precedent set at recent international tournaments in Ireland or anything.

The mindset at Celtic right now is very New Labour under Blair, lots of spin, very little substance. Peter Lawwell is full of himself, I'd say "at the moment" but anyone who has dealt with him will know he genuinely believes he's a master of the universe, because of his SFA appointment, despite the fact he has overseen the worst Celtic era since the mid 90s. Therein lies the problem, on paper a Dublin Supercup sounds great, the reality though is very different and that is the lesson we must learn in the next month or we still going to wondering how much substance there will be at Celtic next season. My view is not much, quite simply our buy off from the SFA was a Peter Lawwell career move, where he assumed, like the Dublin Supercup organisers, this will look great, this will be great, the fans will love it.

Problem is Peter, like the Dublin Supercup itself, the fans are asking "What good is this to us?"

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