Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Celtic Universe

I'm a watcher. Not like Tommy Sheridan but I do like to observe a lot. In the last weeks there is a movement going on online amongst the Celtic Media. Shows like @BTWCelticShow, @HomeBhoys and @OAONews are interlinking more with each other, solving each others problems and yet still retaining their own individual uniqueness. I said a few days ago that I just have no need to read online papers in Scotland, listen to the hun phone ins and so on, it's all old, stale and, frankly, boring. You can tell all these guys on our(Celtic) shows are sort of feeling their way around what they are doing at the minute, again not like Tommy Sheridan, yet are still producing quality output and essential listening.(In fact @Harper1888 "Hun" rant on HomeBhoys last week had my heart leaping out my chest)The only complaint I had, and it's very minor, was that it was hard to keep up with them all in terms of when they'd be on, what time etc.

Not anymore.

Like a cold pint on a warm day, along comes The Celtic Network ( and @celticnetwork) and what has clearly happened here is the webmasters have taken the time to figure out what was needed for The Celtic Family online and bhoy have they delivered. This is everything the official Celtic website should be. And then some. The work that has gone into it, not to mention the talent that has been displayed, is absolutely phenomenal and already they have set the Celtic online community alight.

We are slowly taking over the media and, frankly, I fucking love it. In fact, another time my heart leapt out my chest was when this new blog appeared done by the fantastic @lauren_mcclos. A complete breath of fresh air and a writing style that you just warm to immediately.

I urge you to not take my word for it  on any of these and go see for yourself.

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