Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why a new book?

Well, Madoff took all my money, that's why. Seriously though, at the minute we are just starting to put together the story of the Thai Tims(working title) and the reason for that book to come out is to keep helping and promoting the Thai Tims. See the goal just now is to get all 44 kids over to Celtic Park for a game. That will not be cheap and it's not safe to assume that everyone is helping. The reality is, in these harsh economic times, very few people can afford to put their hand in their pocket and pull out the kind of cash that would get the Thai Tims to Celtic Park. Sometimes, due in no small part to Paul Lennon and the wonderful work he does, it's easy to assume that everyone is helping the Thai Tims. That's not true. So what we need to do is anything and everything we can. So by publishing last seasons blogs, with a couple of great forewords and a new preface/epilogue, that's my wee bit just now. It could be done, so is being done. With it being only a fiver, that means for every book sold, the Thai Tims will get about £3. The publisher gets the rest. Nobody else, not my myself, Paul Brennan or Tony Hamilton, gets a penny.

Now you might be thinking to yourself "You'll see at least a thousand of them, that's £3000 for the Thai Tims". That would be great but the reality is different. Quite frankly, it's very hard to sell books these days. If everyone who commented favourably bought one, we'd be fine but they don't. Similarly when you publicise it, you need to give away a lot of freebies when doing that. Then of course there are the snipers, people who don't like you personally or someone else involved or get jealous of someone, anyone, doing something. That can really hurt a book and we implore people to think about that the next time they want to have a go for the sake of it.

It was one of the great honours of my life to be chosen to help write the Thai Tims story and what better way to end that book than with a visit to Celtic Park, you can play your part in helping them get there..

"Dougie, Dougie"-Rants from the front of the bus out July 8th priced £5.

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