Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Celtic Mind-Reader

First of all, let me apologise for reviewing both at the same, I got one then had to get the other and, you know how it goes. A weird sensation came over when reading these(steady), the more I read, the more I thought "Did I write this? Has someone read my mind?" because when you read this, you find your head nodding and blood boiling, pretty much as it did the first time round. What Tony Hamilton has done here is shine the spotlight on the Scottish media in the last nine years and if you didn't know different, you'd swear they couldn't make it up. Reporting of us and reporting of The Huns is put side by side and the results are staggering if unsurprising. Put it this way if you thought you hated messrs Traynor, Jackson and Leckie now, wait til you read these books. The writing style and witty remarks of Tony are a must read for all Tims and all fools who think we're paranoid. Quite simply, if you're one of us, this is the diary of your own mind from the last nine years. Buy, read and have the valium ready...

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