Monday, January 3, 2011

Respect for the 66

Respect is a word I've heard a lot this week. So 7800 Tims stood silent for a minute today in Ibrox, they all did in the club I was in and I assume they did everywhere. No need for compliments or pats on the back, it's what every rounded human being would do.  It finishes and the first thing we get is "The cry was No Surrender, Surrender or you'll die, die, die" then continual singing of The "Famine" Song. Only a hun can demand utmost respect from everyone else then be wading in fenian blood right after it. Apart from the orgasmic pleasure of winning at Ibrox, there is also something refreshing about it, the whole time before it you get forcefed pish about how the huns are this and that, Walter is King and so on and so on, so it's kindae good to go there and just blow all the shite apart.

For me there is always been a difference between us and them and that difference is this, we have our bams, everyone does, but as a collective we are as respectful as anyone, in fact I bet we have stood for more minute silences than any other club in the world, four times for the second Ibrox disaster, for Jim Baxter, Davie Cooper and Wille Waddell .  the huns wouldn't do it for the pope or Bobby Murdoch and they refused to clap for Jinky. Don't let them ever preach respect.

The photo attached is from Celtic Park Jan 9th 1971

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