Friday, December 3, 2010

Leggo and Alcohol do not mix

One of the most entertaining, if utterly deranged, members of the New Media in recent weeks has been David Leggat. His bizarre rantings on his Blog "LeggoLand" have been a must read for all Tims and anyone needing to feel better about themselves. Leggat is a fanatical hun who, of course, was only journalist in the press box at Celtic Park who didn't take part in the minute's applause for Jock Stein in 2005. His defence was that there were lots of people who didn't take part.

David Leggat Quote:
"They were even ordered by UEFA to replay a Euro tie 20 years ago
against Rapid Vienna at Old Trafford after an Austrian player was battered by a bottle thrown onto the Parkhead pitch."

I first encountered this man, funnily enough, the day we anihilated the huns 6-2. I was meeting a friend and was able to sit in on the post-match press conference. The then Celtic View columnist Matt McGlone walked in and put a bottle of Champagne in front of where Martin O'Neill was about to sit. As he did this David Leggat burst into a hysterical laughter, the like of which I have only seen in the group session scenes from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. No, I've no clue why he found it funny either.

David Leggat Quote:
"Celtic’s record of supporters shame over the last two decades, as
recorded above, clearly shows there are many more than just a couple of “idiots” to be dealt with."

For years now, Leggat has taken great pleasure at attacking his favourite targets of Celtic, Ireland and The Catholic Church, so you can imagine the frenzy he is currently in at the moment as the walls of bigotry at the SFA come tumbling down. His keyboard must have been replaced about 12 times in the last two weeks alone. Rambling like a madman constantly, my all time favourite article from him was when he claimed it was a myth that there was any trouble in Manchester when the huns played there and that T in the Park had more bother at it. God alone knows what kind of life you need to lead to draw conclusions like that. When you look at the quality of writing coming from the likes of Paul Brennan and Phil Mac Giolla Bhain in New Media, then cast an eye over Leggos stuff, it does remind you that things aren't that bad.

David Leggat Quote
"Any Diamond White mate?"

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